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Bel-Air prides itself on the quality of service we deliver to our customers and also importantly, on providing a work environment that is both enjoyable and safe. Our commitment to quality, safety and the environment is underpinned by our Quality Management System that is accredited to the AS/NZS ISO9001:2000 standard.  This drives how we do our work in an efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner that best serves the interests of our employees, customers and the community in which we operate.  We continue to strive for improvement and to move from compliance to best practice wherever the opportunity to do so is identified.

Our employees are valued and we want them to do the best work possible.  We therefore work hard to ensure that they have the best work environment, tools, equipment and products to enable them to work safely and efficiently. At Bel-Air we; -

Continuesly strive improve the safety of our workplace

Encourage continued professional development through sponsored apprenticeships and other forms of vocational training

Provide compensation well above the award rates

Provide other incentive and reward programs based upon productivity and loyality

Bel-Air is always on the lookout for people who have the skills and experience needed to work on the repair, refurbishment and refinishing of commercial vehicles.  However, work skills and experience alone are only the starting point. We select those people who have a positive work attitude, who enjoy working with a similar minded team of people, who are keen to make both an individual and team based contribution and finally, people who are willing to listen and learn. We can accomodate most working requirements including part-time casual and contract but we generally prefer to hire people on a full-time employment basis.

At present, Bel-Air operates during the following business hours: -


MONDAY to FRIDAY (excluding Public Holidays): 06:30am to 04:10pm

SATURDAY (when required)                              : 06:30am to 11:30pm


MONDAY to FRIDAY (excluding Public Holidays): 07:30am to 05:00pm

Standard working hours are 38 hours per week but we allow for 1.4 hours of overtime to be worked daily. This approach minimises the need to work weekends thereby allowing you more time to spend with family and friends and pursue your other interests. We believe that adequate recreational rest is needed to promote a balanced lifestyle and better work practices.

Whether you are a Spray Painter, Panel Beater, Trades Assistant, Sign-Writer or Clerical worker, if you possess the right attributes and have an interest in trucks, other commercial and industrial vehicles and the transport industry, then you should contact us. You can do so by phoning us on (07) 3376 4264 or by sending your resume via either of the following methods: -

Mail to: -

"The Directors"

Bel-Air Truck Spray Painting

P.O. Box 20

Mount Ommaney QLD 4074


Use the REPLY EMAIL section located on the CONTACT US page in which you can enter your details and attach your resume and any other relevant documents such as trade certificates.

At Bel-Air we can help you to achieve your true potential. If you want to be the best you need to work for the best.


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