: refurbishment

Bel-Air has qualified personnel, facilities and tools to do everything from minor panel repair and paint touch-ups to more extensive work required to restore a vehicle to its original condition. All repair work is carried out in a separate facility located on-site next to our refinishing workshop. We are one of the few heavy vehicle paint and panel repair facilities in South-East Queensland that has the necessary approvals to perform work on vehicles owned and operated by the Australian Defense Forces.


: preparation & cleaning

Whatever type of refinishing or refurbishment work is going to be performed on your vehicle, it is essential to start with a well prepared and clean surface. At Bel-Air, we provide a variety of preparation techniques from hand-sanding throught to steam and pressure cleaning and abrasive blasting.

Abrasive Blasting

Because we care about your about your vehicle and its numerous electrical and hydraulic fittings, we avoid using traditional sand-blasting processes unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, we utlilise bicarbonate soda applied under pressure to remove surface contaminates. This process will not damage hose fittings, glass or other components susceptible to damage from the much more intrusive effects of sand-blasting.

High Pressure Water & Steam Cleaning

When a vehicle is in as new condition, or the surface to be painted is sound, Bel-Air will generally only use pressurised water to clean the surface.  This water can be applied at varying pressures and temperatures, including hot steam, to create a clean surface on which to perform further work. Again, great care is taken to ensure that the more delicate components and fittings are protected from damage.


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